Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Over At IFQ
At the IFQ site I am in an event where we are doing a ''round robin christmas table runner''... this is the addition I have added to Ella's... stitched holly leaves... Ella would like her block turned on point next.
And this is my ''round robin christmas table runner''... Carole has already received this and added a couple of rows of fabric and appliqued some stars... it looks great so far... more photo's in the gallery at IFQ.
These little beauties are for a ''floral block swap'' at IFQ... make 6 swap 5... I used my hand dyed fabric for these on a sage green background they are 9 1/2 inches... I think I might make place mats with what I receive back... I love this pattern and really should do more with it... a table runner maybe or a table topper.....
The 2nd House Pet Lamb
Isn't he so sweet... he is so tiny a lot smaller that Isla... his mum is Lucy (she is my favourite sssshhhh)... born last night and very wonky on his legs this morning... might call him Leon??

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  1. Leon is adorable!!!!!!!!!
    Love the hand dyed flowers.