Friday, May 28, 2010

Blocks Blocks and More Blocks....
I have been so busy catching up with blocks that I am doing from magazines... blogland... and siteland...... I still have ''snowmen'' to catch up with... I have them all cut out and stuck down and the first stitches were done on one yesterday....
May's teacup block... very sweet and dainty... these will be made into a runner or maybe a table topper for my Mum for Christmas...... and hopefully this Christmas coming... my Mum is a blue and white fan and has collected many things over the years... she does have some beautiful china and platters and some I do believe is antique...
Little Baskets.... Finished
Would you believe there are 200 of these little babies... yep 200... and I am so glad I have finished them hahahaha... now on to the decision making... to sash or not to sash.... I have a dark green fabric that I am thinking of using and the sashing would be about 1in finished... all around the boarder are to be set in triangles seeing its on point...
Here is a list of other girls doing the ''basket challenge''....

Pamina... no blog they say..
So go look and see how they are all going... some have started putting their rows together and are sticking to the original pattern...
Homespun... Life Is A Celebration...
This block is called "nature''... it was fun and quick and so cute... I just need to put the 1 inch border's around it to finish it off...
Hubby has been busy putting a new shiny windmill head up this past week.. even the dogs have noticed as they have taken to standing at the fence and barking in it's direction?????
Tomorrow the truck coming to get the wool is going to attempt to get here again... if it don't rain hahahahah........
Luv T xxx


  1. I am over awed at all your little! Its a wonder it didnt make you a basket case sewing all of them. They look really fabulous and your other blocks look great too :) you have been very busy Tarnyia :)

  2. Love the little baskets Tarnyia so many and so cute and I love the latest block its so eye catching well done

  3. I forgot to add love the tea cup your Mum will love the table top

  4. Aaaaaah ! your baskets quilt is finished ! Mine is abandoned for now :((
    Homespun block is wonderful, love the colours.

  5. Hi Tarnyia,
    Your Homespun BOM block looks fabulous. Don't forget to send us a photo and letter when you've finished, whether it is the whole quilt or something else!
    (Deputy Editor, Homespun)