Monday, February 21, 2011

Still Here...
Yes I am and full of flu from Perth and feeling so crappy...
I was going to Perth for a dentist appointment on the Tuesday and to take the new puppy down for my middle daughter and her partner... there will be photo's...
before I went we had massive storms here which blew the computer internet out but we weren't sure if that was the problem so off to the next station to check the cable... yep that worked fine... next a trip to town to borrow a laptop from the shire (helps when hubby is a councilor hehehe).... not the modem so it's our computer... I took it to Perth and yes the internet card was blown and you know what??? I did turn the computer off and my sewing machine and it still happened... and the sewing machine was the last thing I turned off and that is worth more than the computer????
Anyway while away I purchased a laptop for us for a spare when the desktop doesn't work and also so we have one when we are away... so in saying that I am on the ''new lappy'' as the ethnet cable from the modem to the desktop has broken the little ''dohicky'' that clicks into the ''whatsit'' hole on the modem!!!!!! Our eldest is sending a new one... oh to live round the corner from the shops that has all this stuff and not 7 hours away......
Once I get the lappy sorted and my printer and the camera loaded onto it I will have photo's of some
blocks that I have received
blocks that I have made
oh and the water that is surrounding us once again from cyclone Dianne and now cyclone Carlos is going to reform so it looks like more water.... OH HUM life is not Drum hehehe
and like I say I have the flu and I feel like ^%$# and I spent yesterday morning in bed which is not me at all I am an early riser... up before anyone else in this household... and yesterday I spent the afternoon in the bean bag watching DVD's and hand sewing... plus my sewing room is packed up and up on beds and tables due to the water around... oh well that's life hahahahahhaa


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon Tarnyia.

  2. get better quick and I hope your not going to get flooded..........I have been following the cyclone bizzo.........not good..........a very wet summer for long til you sell up???

  3. Hi Ya,
    I am a Perth girl born and bred with a sister in Bruce Rock and a good mate in York. York got thumped by the storm, don't seem to be struggling with teh rain - or maybe their computers are down and she hasn't been able to let me know. What is your nearest town? Good luck with the floods and with geting better. Being ill is the pits and being flooded in must be depressing too. Hang in there.

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    We speak the same when it comes to computers!!!! Hope the flu has flown and you didn't get too much rain. We got one piddly two minutes shower on Sunday.
    Happy Monday.

  5. It's bad enough to feel yuk... let alone not being able to blog or sew....but at least the DVD player worked! Hope you get well asap. :)

  6. Hope you get better soon, Tarnyia !
    I send you Star blocks feb 18, hope you receive it quickly ! hugs.

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm a computer dinosaur so not sure what your problems were but glad all is sorted. How did we ever live without our 'puters !!