Monday, August 15, 2011

Hubby is away doing a course and he is going to stay the night with a friend of ours who use to live on the neighbouring station... she has two little girls who I use to cook cupcakes for when I visited or they us...
sooooooooooo I made two batches yesterday for him to take one container for the girls and he is to drop off another container to his cousins kids on the way past... those poor little ones are having a rough time as Mum has been away having a baby and the baby has been sick so Mum and baby have been in hospital for 3 weeks and Granny has come from South Africa to help Dad BUT............. now Dad is terribly sick and in hospital in the city and Granny is on the station with the two kids!!!!!!!!!
I tell ya if it ain't raining its POURING...
hopefully Granny will have some ''bribing food'' in the next couple of hours dropped off at her door...

pink and purple and orange and flowers and butterflies and blue and green and dinosaurs
chocolate and plain


  1. Hi Tarnyia..these are just gorgeous and your care and concern even more beautiful! Have a wonderful week.

  2. As you give out blessings so you too will be are a sweetie.xx

  3. Those cupcakes are going to be appreciated by all concerned - that poor grandma will love them! I lvoe making cupcakes and decorating but I have to have someone to give them to so that I don't eat too many!

  4. You are such a thoughtfull lady.
    I am sure the beautiful cupcakes will be eaten in no time.
    Poor Granny she will love you.

  5. I hope your friends are on the mend very soon. How blessed are they to have a friend like you.
    Nothing makes my heart beat faster than a yummy cupcake not to mention 'batches'.

  6. Wow Tarnyia, these are a mini work of art!!! I'm sure Grandma will love the fact that someone is thinking of her while her family is ill. xo

  7. MmmmMMmmmm....lots of yumminess there Tarnyia :) Hugs Vicki x