Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Have Never...
Yesterday we had an unbelievable storm come through here... well several storms... they started about 3 am and went until 9 pm last night... the clouds rolled on and big and black and loads of thunder at and at times the lightening was spectacular... at the same time hoping the lightening would go away as there is so much feed around that bush fires are going to be a horrible thought this summer in this area... there have already been a couple of fires north of us in the Meekatharra area...
The I have "never" is these????
 when I was a child in and lived in the city area I did see hail stone that were huge but these and look how different they are... does anyone know why???
 they look like crystals???and these were falling in the front yard?? where as these bottom ones were falling in the back of the house????
 the different sizes were unbelievable... we stayed inside as they were hitting hard as they landed and shooting off in all directions...
 and on the sewing front this little bag... 
I added some machine embroidery as the buttons didn't appeal to me...
 and this is the pattern I purchased from the ''Fat Quarter Shop"...


  1. oh bugger........bad hail storm there.......we have had storms floating around every afternoon.......only 3mls so far....

  2. those hail stones look lethal..... hope there wasn't too much damage....

  3. those hail stones look amazing! and leathal!

  4. WOW what huge hail.Pleased you stayed inside. Hope there was no damage.
    The crystal ones do look pretty.

    What a lovely bag Tarniya.

  5. : I never see something like that !!!

  6. Well at least your drinks will stay cold ! haha!
    Nice little bag too. :)

  7. I have never seen anything like them, we have storms forcast for the weekend,doesn't mean I hope to see some lol.

  8. Hello Tarnyia,

    Oh you could have saved those hail stones for the cold drinks. Amazing shapes. The weather has been different this Spring. We have had as much rain as we have in July our wettest month.
    Love the embroidery on the bag, rather posh.
    have a great weekend.

  9. wow...those hail stones are amazing

  10. WOW! That is some bigger hail stones.

  11. whow what funny looking hail.
    I love your bag,nice work Tarnyia