Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces...
Sewing is happening a but a lot of it is ''secret sewing'' so everyone will just have to wait...
hubby did spend a couple of days away again so I once again took over the lounge room with the fold out table and decided that I was going to sort out my scrap boxes
and started with the blue one...
for months/years I haven't been able to close the lid and I have been so good using my scraps in scrap buster blocks and quilts but.................. still they are full...
 so I sorted into 3 piles
the dyed fabric was put into its own box... the strips have gone into the ice cream container for strips blocks (now that is over flowing hahaha) and I cut a heap of 3.5... 3... 2.5 inch squares...
 these squares are going to be used for the ''granny blocks pattern'' that is being seen all over blogland... and look the lid is now shut... next time it will be the green scrap box that gets sorted...

I discovered these to left over blocks from a quilt I made for my sister many years ago hidden behind ''stuff or crap'' pinned on my sewing room wall... 
they have been made into hot mats which will go into a box ready for my new home when we sell and move (which looks like happening mid-year woohoo)


  1. There's nothing like a house move to inspire sorting and organising. I've got so many scraps and none of my lids fit on, maybe I need to have a clean up too.

  2. lots of exciting times ahead of you Tarnyia.xx

  3. how lovely to play with all your scraps... a good way to do a tidy up...

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    Congrats on your sewing and good luck with the big move.Love those hot mats.
    happy days.

  5. Great news that you are finally going to be on the move. Lots of fun playing with fabric. Your little discovery has worked out to be a nice surprise.

  6. Well done Tarniya. That's one down. Sew nice to be a bit more organised.
    Your blocks turned into lovely hot mats.

  7. Ahh sorting can be very therapeutic! Let me know your colours once you have moved and I will make you some new potholders! I have had a bit of practice lately!