Thursday, July 05, 2012

I am Around...

Hi everyone I am still around and reading all your blogs and leaving the odd comment here and there... I am in Perth and will be for a few more days... 
my son had his knee reconstruction last week on Tuesday all seems to be going okay and he sees the surgeon again on Tuesday to see how it is all going and what he did and found as he had 3 problems to fix in there... 
so we are house bound doing lots of icing of the knee area and keeping it elevated and Mum being his personal ''chef, maid, shower organiser, chauffeur and nurse'' so all is good hahahaha
I am doing a bit of crocheting in between and half way through a lounge throw rug in ripple pattern... I am watching heaps of TV hahaha and doing a little weeding for my daughter as it is her house we are at... son boards with them... 
the days seem so long when you aren't home doing your usual everyday routine...


  1. glad to hear the reconstruction went well.... any time you feel like coming and dealing with my weeds you are welcome...

  2. lol i know what you mean Tarnyia i spend 2 days at my daughters babysitting and its extra long this trip as i forgot my stitching.So glad your son is coming along well,hears to a speedy recovery,take care.xx

  3. Great that things are going ok for your son... I'm sure it would feel strange not to be doing your usual domestic stuff, but hopefully that all means that he will heal well, stengthen, and not have any more problems that require such a level of attention. Fingers crossed for you all

  4. Pleased all went well and I am sure your son will have a speedy recovery with his dear Mum caring for him. Yes days do seem long when you are away from home.
    You will proberbly finish your ripple rug Tarnyia.

  5. Glad all going well, he is so lucky to have you!