Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I Have Had The Crappiest Of Time Of Late...

or should I say "we have had the crappiest of time of late"
both of us have had the flu really bad I spent four days in bed... which isn't me at all... we both have the flu still holding on not quite ready to leave us yet... 
it is the crappiest flu I have had for a long long time... so no sewing for at least a week or more there... next my latest boob squeeze (mammogram and ultra sound) revealed a lump so I am now booked for biopsies next week... I have BIG BOOBs the needle is going to have to go a looong way in so not looking forward to it but hey I am a big girl and I will be so brave and all will be well...
next our home was broken into while we were in town at the local race day... we came home to glass and broken bottles of alcohol and stolen money and our house had been gone through every room every drawer in each room... my jewelery was looked at but none taken and Granny's silver was still in the dining room drawer... money and booze and a tire of a trailer... OH and the most disgusting of all one of the or both who knows and who knows why they do these things our carton of milk in the kitchen fridge was urinated in??????????????????????????????
the police have one of them he is 16 the other that is still being looked for is 14??? 
there was 4 altogether.... we live 72 kms from the nearest town and these weren't anyone from our local community.
so limited sewing has been done here as I felt a little violated and my sewing room is away from the house a little and I felt trapped in here so I didn't sew...
BUT now I am feeling ok and back to sewing and hubby is home...
to make it all so much better our eldest daughter got engaged on the weekend and we are very excited for her for them both and now we have two daughters getting married so exciting...
you will laugh though......
we decided to get up early to drive 4 1/2 hrs yesterday to see them and congratulate them... we had a wonderful lunch with them and our other kids who decided to make the drive from Perth which is 2 hrs... our daughter was so surprised to see us all... we left at 1/4 to 4 to drive the 4 1/2 hrs home and about 2 hrs into our trip our car started playing up and we are in the middle of nowhere.... so we drove at 40kms hr to the next town which was 150kms to use a phone as there isn't any mobile coverage out there/here in parts... we organized a friend/mechanic to come get us if we weren't at his place by 9pm as we had another 145kms to go.... 
all is well he gave us a car to drive home and he fixed our car this morning ( it was the fuel filter from dirty fuel) and we drove back to town to get it....
so all the crappiness can stop now...
but I have been doing some sewing...
this is for Aussie Hero's and I started it before the flu
now I need to quilt it... I used 5 in squares cut from my stash all those pieces less than a fat quarter and some leftover grey homespun... the pattern is in one of the latest Homespun magazines... 
 a mug rug for a swap...
 lotto blocks... theme chooks and roosters with a red border...
 and this has been hanging on my wall for ages and ages... it needed another row which I have now done it is all sewn together and backed and under my machine getting quilted so stay tuned...
it will be a floor rug for a baby... there is so much on there it could be a little like an ''I spy"...


  1. Hello Tarnyia,

    Glad to hear they got the juvenile delinquents. Please make sure you change your toothbrushes!!!
    That is one cute quilt in the last photo.

    Happy days.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    OMG i cant believe what you have been through that is shocking.All good now,nothing but good stuff you have had enough bad,take care Tarnyia.xx

  3. What a load of bad luck you have had....it can only get better from here. Hopefully the boob ultrasound will reveal that you don't have to have a needle at all.....I remember how nervous I was about that a few weeks ago so will be thinking about you.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. Oh Tarnyia... what a horrid horrid time ... really yucky to deal with all that - thinking of you lots and all the best for the booobby biopsy.... lovely sewing - the quilt is awesome...

  5. OMG ! poor Tarnyia :( Hope you will recover from all these bad things !

  6. Oh my goodness!! My heart goes out to you with all you've had to deal with. Some awful stuff, I can't imagine. I'm hoping for all good news on your biopsy.

    Your baby quilt is just so sweet. And congratulations on your upcoming weddings. So fun!

  7. Heck Tarnyia what a time you've had of things... my fingers are crossed for your next stage of medical investigations... and as for the house-breakers, what a terrible thing, glad the cops are on to them. Congrats to your DD, exciting times ahead for her... x

  8. Surely all the crappy things are over for you both now..
    I know it's not funny but you did make me smile about your Bi Boobs etc.. Good luck with that. XXX
    Can't beleive you got broken into so far out. Ba----ds..

    Pleased to see you are back to yourself and sewing up a storm again..
    Take care

  9. So sorry to hear of all the crap you've been going through.....flu,break-in's,car failure,boob jobs you certainly have had a rough trot.Hope the boob thing turns out to be a false alarm,better to get it checked out than wishing much later that you had done so.My T's & P's are with you and your family at least you now have two beautiful wedding s to look forward to, (((HUGS))) :) Barb.

  10. Sorry to hear all the horrible things that have happened to you. Things can only get better from now on! How exciting your daughter getting engaged!

  11. Sorry to hear about the flu AND the break in!!!
    Every day will be a little better... fingers crossed! :)
    Congrats to your DD too.. :)

  12. Oh Tarnyia what an ordeal you have had...I hope you get kick the Butts of those Kids that broke in....
    Hope all goes well with your Boob....can only get Better from now.
    Take Care

  13. Hi Tarnyia,
    We spotted your version of the Hunky Dory quilt from Homespun and wondered if you'd like it considered for Readers' Showcase when it's finished?
    Deputy Editor, Homespun

  14. OMG! What an awful time you've had lately. I'm so sorry for it all. I don't even know how you get past strangers going through your things. I am happy to hear that at least they caught them, or one of them.
    On a brighter note I see the comment just before mine and it does look like things are changing for the better. Congrats on your daughter's engagement.

  15. Oh you poor things....most crappy. Congrats on your good news and all positive thoughts for your biopsy.
    Sending you big hugs xxxxx

  16. Boy you really win the prize for having a crappy time don't you?! Hopefully from here on all will be on the improve. Hope all goes well for you on the medical front too, you've had enough to deal with lately so hopefully with a new month starting you will have left the crappy behind!

  17. So sorry to hear about your luck. Especially the break in. We were robbed last December so I know just how violated you feel. The feeling will subside but but but you never forget. Glad you were not hurt. People today ......they need to be strung up and given a beating.......


  18. Mega hugs to you Tarnyia....what a lot of rotten things to go wrong. I am glad they got those little mongrels who broke into your house..horrible and not nice at all. Good luck with your biopsy.. Will keep you in my prayers :) Hugs and all good things from now on :) Vicki x

  19. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Jeez Tarnyia I'm speechless. Mega hugs from me too. Good luck with your biopsy, and from one big (dense) boobed person to another, eeeek! Glad the police got the little b**ds who broke in, I really don't understand people anymore :0/ Congratulations on your daughter's engagement! A ray of sunshine in an otherwise crappy week. Take care of yourself, and good luck with your boobs, toni xx