Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Of This And A Little Of That...

I have been to Perth for the Baby Shower for this ''bump'' that we call ''Milton''...
would you believe that this is a 28 week bump???
she is now over 29 weeks...
 and this is the wonderful stash of baby goodies that she received
 this was my baby shower gift
 a crochet basket weave blankie made in pure wool
 so thick and cuddly
 and heavy...
it will be super warm for our winter baby...

I decided to pick up my hook again 
as I needed to give my finger a rest from hand sewing on the baby quilt for a friend...  
I made a hole in the top and it was so sore...

 I have been loving the Granny Squares that are popping up everywhere on Pinterest so I have been looking around and found this one and you can find more here and here and here
not sure what I will make yet but I am loving the little squares so far...
 and this was the last addition to the baby quilt for a friend... a frog.


  1. how exciting Tarnyia and i think it is going to be a boy,lots of lovely gifts there and i love the littl blanket that you made,well done also on your baby block and i hope you finger heals quickly.xx

  2. You must be getting very excited Tarnyia. The blanket you have made for Milton is lovely.

  3. Such a beautiful blanket, Tarnyia. I can almost feel how cozy it is. Sounds like everything if going great for the new little one. So exciting! I am working on granny squares too. Lots of fun.

  4. How exciting a bubs on the way, the little blanket looks so great. the granny suare look so bright ... looking forward to the finish ( brings back memories of my mother and grandmother)

  5. Oh MuM is looking so...round... and perfect! OOOhh not long to go now! Soooo exciting! :)

  6. Milton is beginning to take up space? how sweet and I love the blanket you made.... gorgeous...

  7. that's a lovely Milton bump..
    Lots of goodies for the baby and the warm woolen blankie will be so warm for the babe..
    Nice coulorful Granny squares and the baby quilt is looking great..

  8. What a wonderful baby blanket! The pattern is so pretty. That is quite a lovely quilt you are making and I'm sure your friend is going to love it.