Thursday, August 28, 2014

Time Just Flies By...

I can't believe it is nearly the end of August
my posts seems to get longer in between (oops)
I did read somewhere last week that there was only 18 Thursdays until Christmas!!!!! 
well today is Thursday so now there must be only 17!!!!!!!
I have been busy doing "stuff" and does this puppy keep me on my toes... 
he is more of a handle full than my 15 month old Grandson and messier.......
My girlfriend had a birthday recently and she loves my mug rugs and did request some a while back if I had time and any theme... 
so for her birthday I made these for her...
 and yes she is a Hawthorn supporter.
 I also use Michelle's "initial" embroidery pattern.
 the Flowering Plum... well that's what we think it is hahaha... 
lost all its leaves and is now blossoming
it is so pretty... I did give it a little trim to keep its shape...
Even though I am not posting I am checking you all out each day :)


  1. Hi Tarniya, nice to see your post. The rug mugs you have make for your friend are lovely . I am sure she will love them all especially her Hawk ones.
    Yep pups do keep you busy. Enjoy.
    The tree looks gorgeous.

  2. Time fly, I've not blogged since mid june !!! Beautiful return XXX

  3. Hi Tarnyia,yep it will be Xmas before we know it,lol.xx

  4. Love your mug rugs and I am sure your friend will be super impressed with her Hawks one. This year has just disappeared again hasn't it. There is a bonus to it being august - Spring is just lurking around the corner and we get these beautiful blossoms teasing us!!

  5. Lovely work Tarynia... and nice to see you again. :)

  6. Lovely gift for your friend. That tree is gorgeous!!!