Monday, January 19, 2015

Hand Sewing...

Still here 
doing a bit of hand sewing while the waiting game is happening.
Midwife appointments today for both my girls... yes that is right both...
our 2nd daughter is expecting her 2nd baby middle of the year (big cheesy grin here)
she is having an issue with hers though so it will be probably classed as an "at risk pregnancy"
always a drama with this Scott Clan...
I am working on a "crazy patch round robin" that I did last year 
with a few Aussie girls and a few Canadian girls...
I am going to make a large cushion with mine just for me.
 one of the girls got a little confused and added borders
which has worked out okay for me to make a large cushion 
I used the colours in the fabrics to chose threads... all is good...
 I am using some of Michelle"s stitchery patterns in the larger areas...
this is what is coming to the hospital with me while I wait for the grandie to be born 
( I am the support person)


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Hi Tanyia,wow thats awesome news,congrats to both gifls,love your crazy patchwork and your beautiful stitching,well done xx

  2. Congrats Tanyia - grandies are very special! I love your crazy patchwork - it will be an awesome cushion!

  3. Your crazy patches will be a great BIG cushion.

    Oh can't wait to hear what your new Granndie will be.

  4. Big congrats!!! Such lovely news. Very chuffed seeing my little stitchery designs included in your beautiful work. It will be a lovely cushion. Wishing both your girls a healthy pregnancy xx