Friday, August 21, 2015


We are so lucky to be living in the Chittering Valley where there is a constant supply of seasonal fruit... At the moment there are oranges and mandarines available everywhere in either
 roadside stalls or market days...
We are also very lucky to live not far from the Berry Farm also.. 
strawberries are in abundance there at the moment
 1kg punnets $5 each
so for the first time I made strawberry jam...
 it turned out not to badly  
is very friggin yummy on my morning toast...
oh and not to badly with scones and cream........
ohohohoh looky what we got for ours birthdays from our AWESOME kids...
a little bit excited
we bought these ones
Are we turning into groupies???


  1. Oh the strawberries look as yummy as some I had here in Qld....nice jam...
    Great kids getting the Fleetwood Mac tickets but I am not too sure about Neil Diamond... You enjoy....

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Hi Tarnyia those strawberries look delicious,lol i think you will have fun being groupies,lol,what an awesome gift from the kids,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  3. Wow... Two great concerts to look forward too. Xox

  4. Yummy strawberries & jam. I'm to see Fleetwood Mac in November. Crossing fingers they don't cancel again. Wouod love to see Neil Diamond too. Hugs, xx

  5. I'm not a Fleetwood Mac fan at all Tarnyia, but I reckon old Neil would be great!
    That jam looks great, don't forget the cream, LOL