Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Spring Has Sprung...

The garden around Lower Wondinong is starting to look quite pretty...
I have had these Iris bulbs in a big pot for many years
but this is the first year they have looked so spectacular...
must be the change of climate as they were huge.
 the Flowering Plum or Peach tree is just as gorgeous as last year.
 the veggie patch is better this year... we are learning what grows better and when
and we added more soil and loads more sheep poo when the boarder can bring it home...
 some of the ranunculi' from last year have popped up

the rose bushes are getting leaves and a few tiny buds
 the Marguerite daisies don't seem to be doing so well... so they have been pulled up and I have been replacing them with some Osteospermum
 I spied this white Iris in the garden yesterday...
 and speaking of spring... 
the cubby needs a spring clean on the outside, my job tomorrow...


  1. Hi Tarnyia your garden is looking fantastic and you have a lovely size vegie garden there as well,i hope to get out into the garden in the next few days,wish we had your weather here though,thankyou for showing us your gorgeous flowers xx

  2. Your spring garden looks beautiful.. Love that cubby, lucky Grandies.

  3. Isn't it just a wonderful time of year.... great pics of your Spring garden

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    Loved seeing what is blooming in your garden, I know it would be so different to gardening on the Station. Love the Cubby.

    Happy days.

  5. Beautiful shots of your garden.....I hope my Irises are that beautiful....no signs of buds yet though.

  6. Beauty is bursting out all over for sure....everything looks fabulous xx