Friday, October 02, 2015

Big Arse Shed...

Yep its happening... The Boarders long awaited shed is happening... 
a little money saving, then a little battle with the Shire and woohoo

 it is huge inside
 today is floor pouring day
I have been a little house bound this week...
but I think someone will be doing a little happy dance when he gets home...
Little Judd had a photo shoot this week
 beautiful porcelain skin and big blue eyes...
 weeny man Lawson was having a chat with me
and I though lets record it.... well listen to him!


  1. How cute is that little guy..........

    Nice big shed ....hubby will be happy.

  2. Great job! Gorgeous little people xx

  3. what a gorgeous lil' man!! We have a shed that is full of our overflow furniture and unpacked boxes atm and it is still enormous! my hubs calls it the FBS :o ..teeheehee!

  4. Hello Tarnyia,

    Glad you were able to build the shed you wanted, Shires and their rules are sometimes questionable. Enjoy the Grandies.

    Happy days.