Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Still Getting Birthday Love...

These sunshine yellows came from Simone
 this parcel of squishy was from Dzintra
 and look what it contained...
 so much goodness in one little parcel...
Thank you Simone and Dzintra for making my birthday special 
and last a little longer xxx
 these two opened up this week,
how HUGE are they
and just beautiful...
 there is a lot of this happening at the moment
 a lot of this, 
as it is too freakin cold outside to even think of doing anything else...
 I had some left over bits from projects, next best thing... 
sew them together, quilt them, make binding
 and make some mug rugs.
 and a book bag for Grandie no1 for his Thomas books,
that go everywhere (plus his Wiggles one)
Thanks everyone for my birthday fatties and all the wishes xxx


  1. Glad your celebration lasted longer. A fire is so nice. Love the book bag....a boy has to keep his fav books in order lol! Very nice mug rugs too x

  2. So glad you liked your little parcel......and one more time.....Happy Birthday!