Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And More...

My special birthday girl was Illene
and as I was sick with the dreaded flu.... AGAIN...
it was late in getting to her....
 she loved it ;) ;)
 Our son had a car accident, but was fine only damage to his work ute
and after a week of crap, 
while walking the dog I thought I would be clever 
flash the boobs to the hubby as I was walking the block!!!!
totally forgot about my phone in my pocket and clocked myself in the eye.....................
 won't do that again hahahaha
We have also had a scare with the Hubby!
It was thought it was a heart attack, then a stroke....
but.... turned out it was a bit of crystal in the inner ear,
 that broke away and cause him to feel awful....
this was the first time he had been in hospital since he was born!!!


  1. OMG 😲 I a man pleased you are both okay...oh apart from the black eye..
    Illene's gift is very pretty.

  2. I did indeed love my gift
    Think it is time for some better things to happen to you Pleased hubby is ok and that black eye is a good one No point in doing things by halves xx

  3. Oh my goodness you and yours have been in the wars! Chuckling over the eye injury incicdent lol! Illene's gift is beautiful xx

  4. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Oh Tarnyia,so glad your son and hubby are ok,what a stressful time for you all.
    OMG you are funny,what a charactor you are but i am sorry that your phone hurt you,nasty accident,take care my friend and i hope you and your gorgeous family have a wonderful xmas xx