Thursday, June 04, 2009

In the last couple of years I have made some memory quilts.

The maroon crazy quilt was for my niece's 21st.

The blue and grey swirling square was for my eldest daughter's 21st

and the most resent one using fat 1/4's was for my middle daughter's 21st.

I love going through all the old photo's looking at them when they were babies remembering their mile stones in life and remembering all the naughty things they got up to as well. We have the quilts on display at their parties like a photo board but one that never gets taken apart... this one gets folded up and put into a special bag.

Luv T xxx


  1. Beautiful ! What have you used for tranferring please ?

  2. Thanks Bea
    I have used a soluton called ''bubble jet''. It is very easy to use and I always get good results.