Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mystery Quilt IFQ

While the cats away the mouse will play.... DH has been away for a few days with a group of fella's checking the ''rabbit proof fence'' so this mouse set her sewing machine up in the lounge room on a fold out table and proceeded to quilt two quilts and I am very proud of myself...I have just finished sewing the binding to this IFQ mystery... it is a very pretty quilt and I am sure that I will find a home for it.

This was the first ''mystery'' that I have ever done... I stuck to the ''suggested colour info'' oh expect one little change... the background was white or cream and I am not a white background girl unless that is the criteria hahaha... so I went for a golden mustard which I think has worked in quite well... I did enjoy the challenge of the mystery and I had a couple of panic attacks haha but I did find out that I do not like making half triangle square!

Luv T xxx

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  1. Beautiful colours choice and already quilted ? congrats !