Tuesday, December 29, 2009

String Quilts

I found this wonderful bright string quilt over at http://sunshineyellow-stitches.blogspot.com/ it is so bright and cheery.... just scroll down in her posts until you come across it.. she has done a fabulous job... it almost looks 3D and I am hoping to get the same achievement..

This is where you will need to head to get the pattern.... just scroll down her side bar on the right and you will come across the link for the tutorial...... http://sewtakeahike.typepad.com/sewtakeahike/2009/10/a-little-help-from-my-friends-string-quilt-tutorial.html
The Virgin Plum Pudding

Well my first ever ''pudding''... and everyone was impressed and it tasted great even if I do say so myself... looks like I will be doing this every year from now on... and I even thought I could do them for Christmas presents as well...
Oh and here is a stack of my string blocks 88 in all and they are 6 1/2 inches square... cant wait to have it all sewn up and see what it looks like... they are made totally from my scrap boxes and I still have full boxes so I can see that I will have to make a couple more and maybe cushions...
The weather has been so up and down here this last week... Christmas was a cooler day than we have had for some years... even though it was still in the high 30's... Tuesday saw the temp rise to 44.5... I am so glad I have a swimming pool... no air conditioning here... the last 2 days have been in the mid 30's but rising tomorrow for the New Year...
This afternoon we made sausages... 39 kgs all up... 3 flavours... Bush Tomato and Mountain Pepper.... Chardonnay and French Herb.... Lemon Oregano... we will sample some tonight on the barbie...
Luv T xxx


  1. Love the string quilt,so lovely and bright. Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Wow, must check out the string quilts.....look fab!!!! You're well and truly on the ball with yours! Puds are always good at Chrissy time but with that heat ... ??????
    Sausages sound yummo too...we make some but not that nice sounding...will have to tell hubby to try his like that!!!!mmmmmmmm!
    Hope 12oclock brings in the most wonderful new year for you!
    XX Sugary hugs :O) Wendy

  3. A Very Happy New Year Tarnyia to you and your Family the string quilt looks great love.I havent told Eric about your sausages he loooves sausages of any kind but as we are on a health kick I wont allow any in our diet... he he poor dear!!

    Love and hugs

  4. Ohhh yes.....these flavours sound wonderful.....My goodness...thats a lot of sausages!
    Your quilt is looking very much 3D and it looks great :) Its a good way to use up lots in the stash :)

  5. I too see & love this string quilt on Annette's blog. Beautiful work, perhaps this year......