Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Some Rain... Baby Quilt and a PJ Day...
It's raining and has been since about 7.30 this morning... nothing heavy just steady... hubby came home from mustering sheep a bit wet and cold... lucky I thought of lighting the heater so there was hot water... he had about 50 sheep and was a couple of km's from the gate but gave up when the rain got heavier... he enjoyed the hot shower...
Because of the rain I have decided on a ''PJ Day''... nothing better than hanging out in your fav flannel pj's hahahaha..... and you would think with this rain that no-one would surely turn up on a wet dirt road........... but yes so far 2 cars have come through...... but this girl is staying inside and Greg can deal with them hahahaha.... haven't even had a shower or put a bra on hahahahahaha
This is one of the blocks on the ''baby quilt'' and yes he is missing his tail which I found in the little plastic bag after when I was cleaning up from this quilt... oh well he is a ''bobcat''
I love this duck/goose... reminds me of ''Jemima Puddle Duck''
The finish... I am so pleased with it and I am sure little Felix is going to love crawling over it and making animal sounds... his birthday is on Friday... I sent it back to Perth with my daughter so she can give it to him on his actual birthday...
While out mustering yesterday Greg came across 2 dingo's in a mob of sheep... he thought they looked pretty scattered and then he saw one with blood around it's bum... and all of a sudden a dog came out from the mob and started circling him on his bike with his work dog on the back... wasn't frightened at all more curious... the the other dog still among the sheep took off and this one followed... he didn't have his gun with him... bit hard to ride with a rifle... but he did take it today and there was no sign of them... they make a mess of the sheep and it is horrible to see...
On a nicer note......
How was Easter? Our kids were home and it was great to have them all here... lots of choccy was exchanged....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yumm yumm
Luv T xxx


  1. Hello Tarnyia, the quilts is just beautful. I am sure it will be treasured and loved. Lucky you getting some rain. Beginning to think it is staying away from us permanently. Love the idea of PJ day.
    Happy days.
    my word verification is "derobe"!!!!

  2. Your quilt is just so darling! And I like the pretty colors.

  3. Oh I do love that quilt