Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Lots To Show You...
Well you know how we had all that rain a couple of weeks ago???
Well someone got bogged
I mean BOGGED and that someone was going to have to walk a long way...
well we went up there to get it a couple of days later to get it
but due to all that rain we had on a Friday it had become surrounded by water...
looked liked a mini lake...
well we did go back again and get it out

it took over 2 hours to get it out...

all the wood is from when hubby tried to get it out
as you can see ''truly bogged'' lots of digging and collecting rocks... one attempt with a rope that snapped then a chain then more digging then an attempt from the from but the ground was to wet still that way and we would have got the other Toyota bogged...
With all the rain the country side is looking very very nice
 green feed everywhere
even things that looked dead have green growth over them
and the sheep are so enjoying the change...

This week I received some beautiful ''aqua and red'' star blocks from my beautiful friend in France Beatrice
she saw that I was doing these blocks in a block swap and said she would do some for me
Bea is such a generous hearted lady...
aren't they just gorgeous
thank you ever so much Bea...

I also have done another ''birdie stitches'' block using my Amy Butler fabrics...


  1. Oh my..... oh my......
    glad you are fine though! I heard there was lots more rain!

  2. Blogger friends are just wonderful... aren't they! LoVe all the blocks. Glad you got the truck out.. I remember when you said you had to rescue the better half! :)

  3. Oh Yes it can be lots of hard work getting cars out of bogs. Ask my DH. He got bogged on the beach the other week for hours.

    What beautiful blocks you got in the mail.

    Your birdie stitchery is cute.

  4. great blocks - the little birdie is cute and the aqua and red are really striking! love seeing and hearing stories from around your neck of the woods. Keep sharing and happy stitching!

  5. Oh wow - lovely blocks. Lucky lady. I love aqua and red too.

  6. Hello Tarnyia,

    Glad all was ok with the vehicle. Lovely green grass,everything is so Brown here. Love the blocks done and received.
    Happy days.

  7. send some of your rain over.........the country looks nice and green........