Monday, March 21, 2011

 MMMMM Who Is Naughty...
who did this?????
and this????
I think I have forgotten how naughty little puppies can be...
oh well...
he so cute and he does like a cuddle and he keeps us entertained ''big time''....
I have taught him to case the ball and he is bringing it back to me... we even play chasey which is very funny and is very tiring...

I won a raffle of charm squares in brown and green
and a bonus piece of fabric which seams to go quite well with the charms...
to win or be in the next raffle we are making a place mat with a matching coaster
I chose to do Christmas themed ones... one set gets you six tickets... but.....
seeing I have won the last two raffles I am not putting my name into this one..

The weather is so much cooler here today 25* and overcast unbelievable... will have to put a rug on the bed tonight.... or cuddle ''nudge nudge wink wink'' hahahaha


  1. What a lovely charm pack you won gorgeous colours,and what a cute puppy,also love your xmas placemat with matching coaster very nice,well done.

  2. Oh Joe!! You are so lucky Mum loves you. LOL

    How lucky to have won two raffles. Love the placemats and coasters.

  3. Your pup is going to keep you fit!! The charm packs are great... and I love the Christmas mat and coasters..

  4. Sweet puppies you just have to love them. Congratulations on your win. Your mat and coasters are so cute. I just love Christmas

  5. Naughty Joe,lol we have a 6 month old Molly but she is a toy lol and such a lady,she would never dig a hole but if there is a tissue or a sock anywhere it is hers and off to her hiding place,she is a buggar as we say..great package you won,hope your parcel gets there safe,have a lovely day xx

  6. Just too much information!!!! haha.
    Love the placemats.....and the pup seems so playful, he will keep you young and fit just watching him!

  7. Oh how I love the placemats. Hum think I have some........
    Joe is too cute gardening come naturally to pups.