Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Scrap Busting...
Well trying very hard too...
the lid of my blue scrap bin wouldn't stay closed and even after I did manage to get the lid on with in two minutes I would hear a ''pop''.......... so time to do something about those blues... oh and greens... which weren't as bad as the blues I must say...
I keep ice-cream containers on my cutting table and fill these then once full tip them into my colour bins... yes I do have an ice-cream container for each colour and I do have a scrap bin for each colour.... ''anal some would say''.... oh and my kids would say... especially my eldest daughter...
so with a hot coffee at my side
and my two containers of sorted random greens and blues
and some grey homespun marked with lines...
 off I go just choosing at random but starting with a blue strip then a green...
 I start creating these....
and turning them into these... (not sewn together yet)
 I just love the colour combo... "who said blue and green should never be seen"???
I have always wanted to try the ''spider web'' pattern and I found this great tutorial for this one here
the only part that I didn't like doing is measuring and drawing the lines
''time consuming'' but well worth it for the accuracy...
so while in Perth last weekend I went to Spotlight and purchased another 5 metres of grey... yeah I know a lot but I live 7 hours from Spotlight and even if I don't use it all for this project it will get used... and I have decided to make a quilt for my bed with these and I have a queen size with a high mattress... last night I spent an hour drawing lines on some more cut out triangles... and I had another little sort through my blue and green bins... this could take me a LITTLE while to make to so don't expect a quilt in a week...

I have also caught up on my block swap...
this one ''Castle in the Air" is for Carmen in Australia...

this one "Abstraction" is for Alicia in USA...


  1. Your spider web quilt is going to be seriosly yummy - love scraps quilts - they are so interesting let alone gorgeous to look at, and oat and look at!

  2. Well done Tarnyia...your pieced blocks are amazing.

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Tarnyia you have been a busy girl,you have sewn beautiful work,well done

  4. lovely job Tarnyia....and don't feel bad.....I have my scraps all sorted into colour bins too.....and the lids are starting to 'pop' so I can see me following suit!!!! LOL
    take care and sugary hugs
    XX Wendy :O)

  5. You have done a great job Tarnyia, and it all costs "NOTHING" just love Scrappy Quilts
    Cheers Pat.

  6. Hello Tarnyia,

    Oh I love it, yes I do remember that blue and green are not meant to be seen. Love your quilt. I buy Homespun by the roll.Happy quilting.

  7. Love the Spider web blocks and blue/green is a beautiful combo.

  8. I like the blues and greens ... these should always be seen ... ;) Thanks for the link to the Spider's Web tutorial, too! :) Pat

  9. Love the spider web and it looks so cheerful in blue and green :).