Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Swap Block And A FNSI....
hahahaha not really party of the "Friday Night Sew In" group
but the football was on and that is just something I am really really really just not into... so I chose to hide in the sewing room and sew some more of my spiderweb blocks... well some more triangles
my pile is growing
I counted 60 triangles... which is 30 halves which is 15 blocks... not sure how many blocks I will need but I woulds like it to cover my bed and hang down the side a fare way and I will add a border... these blocks finish up 11 1/2 inches... might make a few blocks up over the week and put them across my bed to give me a rough idea... we have tourists in the quarters so I could be limited on the sewing time over the weekend ''sniff''

I also received this fantastic spiderweb block in the mail 
this one is from Carmen... I have changed from the red star aqua background... now I am wishing for a grey center and scrappy points... thank you Carmen...


  1. I am so with you on watching footy - I would rather unpick a whole hand pieced quilt! Love your spiderweb blocks!

  2. well done they look fantastic

  3. I agree with Jan-Maree no football for me either. Rather be in my sewing room. Your spiderweb blocks are wonderful. What a great job you are doing.

  4. Looks fantastic, i think you are doing such a lot,great work.

  5. Well done, they look beautiful. XO

  6. Love your spiderweb blocks. Wish I could have been sewing too but had no choice but to watch/listen the footy as we are travelling up North in the van.

  7. I really want to make this one with my scraps....