Monday, April 08, 2013

I've Been A Little Busy...

It's been shearing time again
and there are lots of photo's for you...
 my pets thinking I am taking them to the silo for lupins
 Lucy the leader of the pack
 work boots and of course lime work sock
 sheep to be yarded by Baz and Cleo
 ready to start drafting
 this is my baby... lucky him he can just step over the fences
 it was hot
 and dusty

 fur grandie Cleo helping me

 Hubby in charge of drafting race
 the glamour shot
 Cleo a little thirsty
 full steam ahead
 our bales and this year not many
 Lucy being shorn and not very happy about it
 one very dirty dusty and tired city dog...

My parcel from the online group that I am a part of had their secret redwork swap
 and this is what I received from the very lovely Christine
isn't it just gorgeous and it even came with a little hanger...
 and Christine also sent me another little parcel
 some gorgeous fabrics suitable for a baby boy and a pattern for a little quilt
just for me for ''the Grandma to be''
thank you Christine you are so sweet and a very wonderful swapper.


  1. Thanks for all the photos of your sheep shearing. It opens a window for me to a view very different from the one outside my window in my little house in the city ... :) Pat

  2. love your old yards..........hope you have survive shearing........ours starts in the next week or 2........

  3. Loved seeing your sure do work hard out there. Love the photo of Cleo getting a drink. Christine spoiled you which was lovely.

  4. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of a sheep farmer Tarnyia. It's just not something you get to see. Glad you liked your parcel. It was fun putting it together for you.

  5. thanks for sharing the photos. Love the glamour shoot..LOL
    Gorgeous gifts from Christine. She is a great swap partner..

  6. Anonymous6:00 PM

    thankyou for sharing your life on the farm tarnyia and love the glamour shot,what a gorgeous parcel from Christine,she is such a thoughtful swapper.xx

  7. Thanks for the photos, so fascinating for me (only living in oz for 7 yrs), I have emailed the link to my dad in Texas. He will love to see the real working dogs in action! xx debbie