Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My How Time Flies When You Are Busy...

and it has been over a month well and truly since my last post
doesn't it sound a little like confession...
I have been away in Perth but I have been checking your blogs daily 
and leaving the odd comment...
before I went to Perth my niece had a baby and he was so weeny and there were problems
but he is all okay now and so is my niece
meet Kodi-lee 5lb 5oz

and that is a little crochet rug I made
I did make him a quilt also..... but I think that photo is stuck in my old camera!!!
isn't he weeny and so cute...

and remember these blocks?

 well it's finished 
I did finish it before I went to Perth 
but I had so much to do in the days before I left that I didn't have time to post...

I am so happy with the finished quilt 
and the new owners were very happy...

Now this is why I was in Perth
 behind the bride is her brother and sister who she had as her ''bridesmaids'' 
plus her new sister -in-law
our beautiful oldest daughter Sara and her now hubby Brendan...

and also while I have been absent..................
we have sold the station and we have bought a new home closer to Perth and the kids...
settlement is a couple of months away as we are dealing with a rural property and trust us when we say we need all of that time to pack and sort through 70 years of Hubby's family stuff...
I am home for about 10 days then I head back for the birth of our first grandie... 
lots of packing to be done before I head off again...


  1. Lots of wonderful things happening for you Tarnyia... a beautiful quilt - not the usual pattern and I love the Ausi animals....
    Love little bubs and fantastic wedding pictures ... now the big move and a new grandie coming up.... so much going on...

  2. Hello Tarnyia,

    Congratulations all round. Just love the Aussie quilt. Best of luck with the move of the Station, I can just imagine how much blokes stuff and family history is involved with the move.

    Happy days.

  3. Wow, lots going on in your life at the moment. I'm sure its a huge thing to sell your property and move to town, hope it all goes smoothly. Your quilt is gorgeous and the wedding and baby photos are lovely too. Congrats to all!

  4. WOW Tarnyia. So much has been going on in your life! Lovely photos of the wedding and that sweet little baby. Your quilt has come up beautifully.

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    such good news for you Tarnyia and what a beautiful looking family you have,yes its getting close now for our new little grandies to come,they will be in our arms before we know it,all the best my friend.xx

  6. Your bride looks so beautiful. What a wonderful time...and new babies too. Life is so good isn't it. I'm so happy for you.

  7. All the very best in your move. Happy days are just around the corner with a new grandchild too! :)

  8. wow you have sold the farm........such a big change in your life but it will be so much more manageable..........glad you have somewhere to move too........I dread having to leave here we would have so much stuff to sort out...........

    your daughter looks beautiful.....congrats to the couple.........

    enjoy that baby.......

  9. Wow, so much good news for you. Loving your Aussie animal quilt too and good luck with the packing and clearing sales.

  10. such a gorgeous bride and a cute litte bubba. Love your Aussie animals quilt too, is that a Millimac one.

  11. A lot of fabulous things happening in your life..
    Your DD1 is a beautiful bride...
    Pleased the wee baby is doing fine now. Hard to remember that my DD2 was 5lb 5 1/2ozs....
    Just LOVE the Aussie Animal quilt..
    How wonderful that you have sold the station but I don't envy you the packing..

  12. Hello,

    I saw your lovely Australian Animals quilt on your snippetsnscraps.blogspot. Do you know where I could get the pattern? My son and daughter in law live in Canada and that would be the perfect quilt for them but I am not a quilter, I am a knitter and would like to see if I could adapt the pattern to knit it.

    Kind regards, Dianne (