Thursday, June 27, 2013

Busy Packing...

I didn't know packing was so boring... I do hope that unpacking is more exciting.
We have been to Perth last week and did the final inspection on our new home YIPPEE
we bought a new lounge suit... I am so looking forward to laying on it...
and had cuddles with Jensen.
Our little man is growing so fast
in Mum and Dads bed
 getting ready for my first morning walk with Mum and the dog
 in my very warm and cuddly suit that my Aunty gave me.
 very cute
I have packed my sewing room up and have taken photo's but yep you guest it the cord is packed in a box somewhere so I can't download my photos hahahaha


  1. Your GS is gorgeous!!!!!!
    Just imagine all the FuN you'll have unpacking in your NEW home... it will be like Christmas I'm sure! :)

  2. Packing is hard work - there is so much sorting to do as well..... how cute is little Jensen... such a wonderful distraction from the boring jobs!

  3. Jensen is so adorable Tarnyia,he looks so cuddly in his little blue fluffy all in one.xx

  4. Oh how cute is Jensen.. Yes he is growing very fast..
    Packing is very boring but it will be fun to put things away in your new home.
    I am sure you will spend lots of time on the new lounge having cuddles..

  5. Cute little boy, they change so quickly ! My grandson is already 3.5 years old. A treasure.

  6. Jensen is adorable. Good luck with the packing and so happy you are finally getting your move..hugs xx