Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not Much Happening Here...

sewing wise that is...
plenty of packing and sorting  though
still waiting for an official settlement date so we can organise a removal truck...
so living in a little bit of limbo once again.
I shall be packing up my sewing room in the next week or so... 
plenty of sorting needs to happen in there too I am not a hoarder but.....
 I do think I may of turned into one were that room is concerned
after spending a week with the little family once they left hospital I came home 
as I really wasn't needed they are doing so well and Jensen is such a good baby 
the new Mum is such a calm Mum and Dad is a very doting Dad...
he has 6 weeks off work so he can be around which good as Jensen was born via c-section.

a very proud Uncle...


  1. It can be hard when you don't know when you are coming and going.. there will be a sudden mad rush...
    Such very cute pictures of Jensen...

  2. Anonymous6:59 AM

    its all happening at your place Tarnyia,your little man is so cute,happy packing.xx

  3. What an adorable little man, he is perfect in every way.....so sweet. Awful for you being in limbo...I dread the day when I have to pack up my sewing room for a move. I hoard so much, it will probably need its own truck unless I get ruthless.

  4. Nothing harder than not being able to know exactly when you are moving..
    Oh Jensen is such a cutie and I love the photo of his Uncle nursing him....

  5. I do hope your move gets sorted soon. How gorgeous is your grand baby Jensen. I am so glad he is doing well.
    Hugs xxx

  6. You forget how little they are. Jensen is just gorgeous.

  7. Grandchildren are parents, but with more sleep, fewer rules. And a endless supply of cuddles

  8. the move will be over before you know it .. and Jensen will be wanting to come visit with you .. without Mummy .. in no time at all ... they grow so big so fast ... much faster than our kids did ... haha .. have fun packing .. don't be too ruthless with your stash .. you will only have to replace it ...

    huge hugs ..