Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sending and Receiving and Perfection...

I have been in a "Runner Swap"
this year and I think it has gone quite well especially on my receiving end..
this is the runner I received and it couldn't be more perfect for my new home.
 perfect colours
 perfect on the coffee table
 perfect with the new lounge suite
 and just perfect on the side board under the TV
 thank you Lynda...
this is the runner I sent to my partner

 we have a new addition to the flock
 she is about an hour old in these photo's
I had the greatest pleasure in looking after this little man last weekend...
we stayed in a hotel in Geraldton as his Mum was part of a bridal party...
now who would have thought that this little fella has had major surgery a few weeks ago.
Oh and he was meant to be asleep...


  1. i love both these table runners Tarnyia,beautiful swaps both sent and received.
    Oh how cute is your little guy and look at that smile,i can see why you had fun baby sitting,his adorable.xx

  2. The table runner you received is perfect in your new home and I love the one you sent too.
    Bet it's funny only having one lamb and not hundreds...

    Oh how gorgeous is that little man of yours.. Little ones are tougher than we think.

  3. lovely table runners both given and received... what a cute smile and how wonderful healthy he looks....

  4. Such lovely runners! A great swap indeed...and such a cute little fellow he is!

  5. Lovely table runners Tarnyia. What a gorgeous little man you have there!