Friday, September 13, 2013

So Much Has Been Happening...

Life is a bit of a roller coaster here at the moment.
MIL had her open heart surgery 3 weeks ago on a Tuesday and she came through the op...
it has been a very hard battle for her and a very slow one too... even though the valves have been replaced and fixed and the blood is now flowing the right way... her heart was very damaged and just not able to move the fluid from around her body so her recovery is going to be a long one... but in saying that she is doing well and doing her best with the rehab... hopefully she will have only another week or so and she will be able to go home... she will need low care for a while...
that same week on the Thursday our little grandson had his major surgery so we were back and forth from one hospital to another... we were exhausted...
the little fella came through his op and now has two very big scars about 2 1/2 inches each and on a 12 week old they are huge... one on his back, right side and one above his doodle... he had the 2nd op this week on Wednesday to remove a stent in his kidney/bladder tube... he is home and hopefully that is the end of his troubles now.
would you like to see some outside pics of my new house?????
looking out the front door
 looking down the drive to the front of the house
 looking to the right
 walking around towards the back
 looking at the back of the block
 back of the house...
we are getting a patio built from the house to the pool 
and it should be done well and truly before the summer
 the grove of trees at the back
 can you see the neighbours way up there... 
well they are the closest neighbours I have ever had.
 little Ally is growing
everyone is very happy...


  1. Lots of love to your MIL and little one, one can only imagine how hard that must have been for you, but good to hear they are all on the mend. Your new house looks gorgeous, such a pretty setting.

  2. Must be the season for hospitals, my FIL has been in hospital for surgery for bowel cancer (he's 83) with some very rough days early on but finally on the improve. SIL is also in different hospital for hip op and MIL is staying at her house so lots of cross town travel and no quilting. Hope your MIL and grandson are soon doing well. Love your new house!

  3. Was pleased to read your post and know both the little guy and your MIL are on the mend after their ops...
    Your new home looks great . enjoy...

  4. wow... now wonder you are tired.... best wishes for the recoverers... I'm sure they will both do great...

  5. I hadn't realised your grandson had needed surgery... such a little boy for such a big op....x

  6. Sending get well wishes to your MIL and grandson. Your new house looks lovely Tarnyia.

  7. Hello Tarnyia,

    Best wishes to the recovering patients.
    No more mill runs on your new property.

    Happy days.

  8. Boy you have been through the wringer. Hope your MIL heals quickly also your dear little Grandson. Must be a relief that it over now. Your new home is lovely Tarnyia. I wish you every happiness and joy in your new home. Xxx