Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Surprise...

Jensen Robert
at 6 months old

photos taken by his Mum.
he had a check up with the surgeon/specialist this past week
and he was very happy with his kidneys and bladder
and he is allowed of his antibiotics three months early...
which he has been on since the day he was born.
Mum and Dad just have to watch him for any signs he isn't well..
But he is very adorable and starting to get chubby legs...


  1. Gorgeous photos of Jensen, Tarnyia. What a cutie he is!

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    oh he is just the sweetest little man,i love these pics Tarnyia.xx

  3. He's gorgeous... and from one proud Nanna to another... aren't we the lucky ones!

  4. how wonderful about the antibiotics ... that really is fantastic ... means everything is going excellent ... happy happy for you all ...

    and those pics are really soooo cute .... love them .... he is a precious ...

  5. such very sweet pictures and he looks great... so good to hear treatment has gone well...

  6. He's so sweet! :0)