Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Cubby House...

The last time hubby went away for work I did this
 a little bit of painting
 got rid of the pink (three little girls lived here before)
now we have this...
 and one wall is a chalk board for budding artists
solar fairy lights (which need rehanging)
comfy floor mats
lovely soft yellow walls
all we need are some little visitors...
Oh and some more things to play with (look out ebay)
next I will show you the vegie garden.


  1. Be careful Tarnyia, we had this sort of floor mat and now it is prohibited because it's full of dangerous components for kids who take all at the mouth !

  2. The redecorated cubby looks great. I am Jensen will love to play in there..

  3. Oh how perfect is THaT!
    I can imagine the hours of fun that will be had in there...

  4. what a lovely little magical place...

  5. I wish I'd had a cubby house like that when I was young!

  6. Lots of future fun ahead in your great cubby. Well done!