Saturday, June 14, 2014


 Yesterday morning we woke up to this
Hubby's work ute
 and tools
 covered with ice...
we have put some shade cloth over some of the veggies in the patch hoping to save them
as they did get a little bit frost bitten... 
mind you I didn't plant them they have come up in the composting part
and they are doing so very well I would hate to lose them.
This morning was worst than yesterday, 
the lawn was very crunchy as I went to let the old dog out of his pen...
about 1* still at 7.30am!


  1. C-O-O-L... the temperature... NOT the vegies. Yes I think WINTER has arrived! :(

  2. Wow - its been cold here, but no ice luckily! Great pics Tarnyia...

  3. Wow! Chilly in the west! Stay cosy.

  4. Oh sew very icy?? Hope you saved the veggies? Bet it wasn't icy on the station??