Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Flowers In The Garden...

 I had a box of Ranunculi that I have had for a couple of years... waiting for the sale of the station ... 
do I plant them or take them with me
 well the station did sell and the box came withe me to the new place
 and they are flowering beautifully
 we have been here just over a year now
the garden is thriving with the plants we have put in...
Hubby has just finished the paving off between the pool and patio
did he have some cutting of pavers to do... 
a very wonky job was done around the pool by the previous owners.
next job is ''building a wall along the garden beds"... 
this will keep the beds neater and the lawn tidier...
one of Jax's favourite toys!


  1. Hi Tarnyia- aren't you glad you didn't plant at the station?! Your blooms are stunning, gorgeous colours.

    Good job on the chair too, maybe your little doggy will choose one for his new Throne?!

  2. Aren't you both doing a fantastic job with the "new" place. It looks fantastic! :)

  3. Your garden is looking lovely Tarnyia.

  4. your ranunculas are beautiful.. such happy flowers and lovely to see the garden all coming together... must be very satisfying for you