Friday, September 19, 2014

What Next?....

I have a few boxes and a few being the operative word
which have swap blocks and started WIP in them
I do need to start doing things with them...
first off the rank is going to be my ''aqua and red" star blocks...
after sorting through which ones I want to use in the quilt
the others I turned into desperately needed place mats...
 I have put some heat stuff in the middle as well to preserve my table...
these are the chosen ones
I have purchased some aqua and red fabric 
and have it washed and ironed ready to go...
just need to decided if I am going to put it on point?


  1. wow Tarnyia you do such awesome work,love these blocks,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  2. Great blocks, Tarnyia. Your quilt on the wall looks great.

  3. Great Pot Mats and I think your Stars will look fabulous on point !!

  4. such a great way to use up orphan blocks.... loving the look of your aqua and red quilt...

  5. hi Tarnyia, I wouldn't want to get a mark on those lovely little mats you made, they're too cute!
    Goodluck with deciding the layout of your quilt, it will look totally fab either way