Saturday, October 04, 2014


It was that time again
 I worked on my ''scrappy trip around the world" blocks...
this isn't a great photo 
but I was trying to get the standard rose in through the window hahaha
it has some lovely buds on it...
 I made 10 blocks last night and it was midnight when I finished them 
 they weren't getting pressed then...
 this is them add to my ''wall fabricing"
starting to look a little like a pattern is forming now...
Thank you Cheryll for the evening of sewing...
 I have about 5 lavender bushes here (they were here when we moved in)
and I wanted to do something with the flowers... 
I saw Christine had a post about them last year, so I emailed her for a little advice/help...
 Thia morning I turned this tray into four lovely smelling bunches
ready for hanging to dry out... I also got a bowl of dried heads as well.
 Thank you Christine for your help...
I just took this photo of the sewing room wall and thought I would share...


  1. Your Scrappy Round the World is growing beautifully.

    Love lavender but can't get it to grow here sadly..

    Great photo of your sewing room.

  2. Your scrappy trip is looking lovely.

  3. Love Lavender!!!! Wow your blocks look fantastic. Love your sewing room photo.

  4. Your trip around the world is looking fantastic, Tarnyia. Lavender always looks so lovely when it's tied up in bunches like that. I bet your room was smelling nice!

  5. Your scrappy round the world is looking stunning. Love the lavender and your sewing room wall looks fabulous!

  6. Great Trip blocks Tarnyia! Your quilt is going to be huge-o!

  7. Gorgeous scrappy quilt, so colorful!