Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stash Busting...

Yep that is what I am doing!
I have wanted to do this for awhile and this is what I have chosen as the pattern
I have been ''stripping" for a week
 and putting them in a box
 grabbing out 5 of these and adding a brown strip as well
 I will show you last nights effort later....
here are some of others people have done...

On the weekend we went to the Perth Royal Show
and I took some photo's of some of the quilts on display
 there was only a small display
 some were quite detailed

 and here is our Little Man having his first show ride
he was so happy with himself and he looked for his Yaya and Aunty Katie
each time he came around as if to say ''look at me''... very cute


  1. oh your little man sure is a cutie Tarnyia and i look forward to watching your quilt grow,and thankyou for sharing your pics of your wonderful day.xx

  2. Little Man is a sweety.. what a cute grin... lovely to see the quilts... I enjoyed making trip aroiund the world... looking forward to seeing yours...

  3. Gorgeous little man...
    Good luck with your scrappy quilt. :)

  4. Little man looks like he's having a lot of fun... lovely quilts on display...

    Great work on all the strip cutting Tarnyia... your blocks will look great... I'm making those blocks at the moment with just 6 colours

  5. Nothing like spending a few hours stripping !!

    How cute is your little man on the merry in go round...