Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Craft Fair....

Yep I did I finally made it to a Perth Bloggers Meet...
I even put my "big girls blouse on" and drove in the city... then a deep release of breathe once outta there and home hahaha...
It was soooo nice to put names to faces and meet some new people... thank you to Anthea for organising the meet... 
this is the time I got up
the ladies from this end
 the ladies from this end... and there was a fella there to and he took the photo...
Leonie's hubby it was and he does patchwork..
 be prepared to be ''quilt bombed''!!!
Anzac's was a big part of this years show
 loved these mini's

 there was another display of ANZAC'S but you weren't allowed to take photos of that display...
 that was eerie walking through there but a good eerie...
these next quilt are a few that I liked
 I loved this one for the free motion haunted houses
 this one was huge
 loved the work in this
 admired the needle turn and some piece were so weeny

 this was awesome
 this one was made with embroidered doilies and quite big
must of taken years of collecting them
 loved the work in this one... plus I know the lady

 loved the free motion and use of bling
 this was the winner of the "something blue" challenge... 
I think it was Aussie themed too
 there were so many little pieces of fabric in this 
and all free motioned
just awesome
 hahaha I know this lady Jan-Maree very good likeness has been captured here
 I liked the mix of this one...
there were many more I could have taken...
I was on the look out for a cot quilt pattern
this one I found at Kids Quilts stand... my daughter liked it to
 so it was purchased... plus a couple of others...
and a new cutter... I am finding my fingers are aching a little so I need one that doesn't need holding in... a bit of arthritis I think boo hoo..
A good day...
so good to meet the ladies and wander...


  1. Wonderful show, love the minis .XXX

  2. There were sew many awesome quilts there.. Couldn't pick a favorite.

  3. Glad you went and had fun. I loved the minis. Thank Thank you for the quilt tour as well...wonderful x

  4. Hi Tarnyia - the quilts were amazing weren't they?!
    I'm sorry it was not so conducive for a good chat, but next meet that will happen.
    I love the quilt patterns you picked up... enjoy! x

  5. so pleased you got to meet up with the girls............lovely quilts thanks for sharing........

  6. sounds like you had a great time ... and those quilts .. wow ... thank you for sharing them ... and i love your quilt patterns ... hugs ...