Wednesday, May 13, 2015


new computer and all set up, most things transferred over...
felt like our lives had been turn upside down... it seems we can't live with out these computers in our lives anymore...
I haven't been lazy while I haven't been posting
I have been stalking all your blogs when I have been able to to :)
be warned a few photos are to follow......
my rose bushes have been producing some wonderful blooms the past few weeks, so of course they have been picked and displayed around the house... I have shared a few too
I purchased another Daniel Morcombe rose bush for my grandson Judd
I had the pleasure of looking after him for a few hours a couple of weeks ago
while Mum had a much wanted/needed hair appointment...
he was an angel... only had to take him to Mum once to be fed... we walked around the shopping centre for a few hours window shopping and pending... no fabric though.
I have got those knitting needles out to... a bit rusty I am... but there is a wonderful local lady who is helping me with knitting in a round... a very new technique for me...... BUT....
look what I made....
so then..... I did this....
pretty impressive hey? well I think so hahaha and I have more loaded on the needles now...
My big boy needed some place mats... he loves his animals and love making their sounds
started a new quilt for a family friends little man... stay tuned for that one.
plenty of tree trimming going on
plus plenty of leaf raking... ho hum... just another 5 plus acres to rake
I have been playing with my ''scrappy around the world"
still need to sew them together
decide if I need more blocks ( psstt... I have a heap of crap strips)
trying my hand at bandanna bibs
might try and sell a few and a few other items
some crocheting has been happening...
why do they call it a ''controlled prescribed burn"???
we clearly its not.... then again yesterday... and this time the sun was completely blocked out
and turned a brilliant red.... controlled my arse!!!
I got to spend Mother's Day with this little man...
so I ain't been slack... just missing but active and missing you all


  1. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Hi my lovely friend good to have you back ,oh your GS 's are adorable and love all the sewing and knitting you have been doing,you sure have been busy,hope you have a wonderful day Tarnyia xx

  2. Hello Tarnyia,

    Love the knitting, it looks so neat and perfect. Your little Grandie does look so sweet in the pram. It is the perfect time for roses at the moment, though some rain would be so welcome. Controlled burning, a hot topic!

    Happy days.

  3. OMG... you have been sewing and knitting up a storm..both you Granndies are adorable..
    Great use of scraps , love those Scrappy Round the World. Maybe a few more blocks?

  4. And we missed you too!!!
    Lovely catch up post as well. xox

  5. I've missed seeing your posts Tarnyia! Great to see you back & showing us all your gorgeous work & lovely Grandbabies.
    As for the burns, I think of them as 'controlled' as in not burning wild - but heavens they can't account for the winds that carry the smoke - we had a stunning red sun yesterday too - couldn't hang washing outside for the stink, yuk!

  6. Hi Tarynia!
    Thought I'd drop in and say hi... it was lovely to meet you yesterday (and all the other girls)
    Look forward to meeting up again one day soon!