Saturday, February 06, 2016

Yep I am Back...

Yes I am back... but I have been here watching you all too... 
not leaving any comment though... 
had a bit of turbulence in my life that I needed to sort and get my head around... all good now...
I have a bit to show as I haven't been slack (maybe a little)
 this quilt was finally finished and delivered for our family friends little fellas 1st birthday
 even had some tags made ''MamaYaya"
 the citrus trees smelt AWESOME 
 while in flower... nothing like an orange blossom

 the roses had been beautiful
 all three Daniel Morcombe bushes have had flowers

 the Fairies now live in my garden
 the Summer veggie garden has been very prolific 
 tomatoes and cucumbers coming out our ears
 even an abundance of zucchinis... so pickles were made
 the rock melons have now started
 I now have about 40 bottles of tomato sauce in the pantry cupboard
 we have about 5 little apples growing... there were more but the birds like them 
and they now have netting over them... fingers crossed we get at least one to taste.
have been spending time with these three munchkins
 Jensen is now 2 1/2 and quite the dancer
 Judd turned one a couple of days ago... he keeps us all on our toes
Lawson has grown so much and is now attempting to crawl
stay tuned for another photo overload tomorrow...


  1. Welcome back xxx Sometimes life just has to come first. I love your quilt! Your little people are soooo cute and so big! What a wonderful harvest you've had...yum! Such beautiful roses too!

  2. Hi Tarnyia, nice to see you pop up.. Think of you often.....
    Love the Foxy Quilt....
    Beautiful garden and produce..
    WOW you baby boys have grown heaps and are sew cute....

  3. Hi Tarnyia, happy to see you again ! Beautiful kids, quilt & garden . Enjoy XXX

  4. Anonymous6:22 AM

    hi Tarnyia good to have you back,hope everything is better for you now and i love your fox quilt and your garden is full of lovely plants,enjoy your day my friend xx

  5. lovely quilt......take care my friend........