Friday, November 27, 2009

You can't see but I am still SMILING... yesterday my ''stitcher's angel'' parcel arrived all the way from Buenos Aires Argentina... Sandra Alba was my angel... (wonder if she is related to Jessica Alba hahaha) her blog is go have a look she has some lovely photo's of her work there... Now in this parcel was some fantastic stuff... ribbons, a wonderful piece of lime fabric with butterflies all over... green threads... some xmas ornaments to paint... and apple scented tissues that I just can't stop smelling... buttons and a postcard... OH and some Cadbury's caramel chocolate my absolute favourite chocolate YUMMO
But check these little beauties out... how impressive are these... and you should see the embroidery stitching....... so weeny and perfect... something for my to strive to.... So Sandra you can see that I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY...... thank you ever so much for being my Stitcher's Angel..
More Cooking
This morning I made a batch of ''Kumquat Marmalade" I just love this one and I only ever get enough off my small tree to make only a few jars... and by the time I give some to my kids and a cousin I savour what I have left.... I got a big bag of peaches yesterday from Hubby's cousin that I have been stewing this morning... which I will freeze so they can be used all through the year... my kitchen smells so sugary sweet.....
Luv T xxxx

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Busy Day Today
Today Hubby and I marked some cattle... well there were 9 calves to be marked and those weeny ones are so cute and they were not to happy with us after we had finished with them... even at such a small age they are so strong.
And here are the adults about to be put into the race for their botulism injection... which is meant to be done every 12 months... we had 3 of these that ''no way'' were they going into the race... eventually we got 2 in and the other one ............ Hubby hung off the fence and did her quickly while she wasn't looking.......... in her butt instead of behind her ear.... hahahaha
Today we also cleaned the pool out and started the task of filling it.... WOOHOO can't wait to go swimming...
Yesterday I turned some of these apricots into jam... tomorrow I will be having another jam making session...... I also stewed some of these today and I will have them for breakfast tomorrow mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummo
Hubby's cousin runs an orchard just south of our local town, we are so lucky as we get to have very fresh stone fruit, rockmelons and shortly watermelons
So far 9 jars of very yummy apricot jam
Oh Yes I Have Been Shopping
Some beautiful Japanese fabric and some other fabric that was on sale at ''Craft Depot"... not sure what these will be turned into yet... there is going to be another BOM in the ''Homespun'' magazine next year so maybe that???
These are from Teena's....... she is having a very big closing down sale so go have a look.
These 2 piece just appealed to me at Spotlight... and I have a very special little girl who I can see in them for a summer dress.
My Mum just had a whirl wind trip to England a few days in France a 2 day stop over in Singapore and a week in Bali......... look what I got from Bali.... metres and metres of silk... I can see some very comfy lounge pants..........
Luv T xxxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am still here.....
I am in Perth... My middle daughter had her wisdom teeth out on Monday... she is doing well.. quite a bit of swelling and the bruising is starting to I am spending the week down here and it is cold wet miserable weather hahahaha but I am not complaining as the rain is needed down here just wish I could send it home as well... I do have my sewing machine with me and I am sewing most of the day... I have started a ''double 9 patch''... well I think that is what it is called hahahahaha... I have been checking blogs and found some other fantastic blogs... so many talented girls out there.
Luv T xxx

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Cushion All Done
This is a close up of my cushion that I am entering in the ''Christmas Cushion Competition" at my friend Dawn's site....
Here it is with all its Christmas lights around it...
Luv T xxx

A Little Bit Of Cooking
Yesterday I spent the morning cooking pies and quiches for my kids in Perth... for their lunches as they go off to work... all in all 31 pies were made... and yes there were a couple of hands that kept trying to hijack one or two but a stern sideways look was enough for those hands to retreat very quickly......
Quiche Lorraine, mushroom and feta, tuna and onion also tomato and feta.... they smelt so good while baking....... mmmmmmmmm yummoTuna Pies
Tuna Pie Recipe
1 can 425g tuna in brine
2 cups grated cheese
2 eggs
1 onions sliced
2 sheets of puff pastry
Drain tuna and mix well with other ingredients.
Line your pie plate with one sheet of pastry, add tuna mix, top with other pastry sheet.
Brush with milk and cook in a moderately hot oven until golden brown
Luv T xxx

Saturday, November 07, 2009

MMMMM What Have I Been Doing???
Well I have been busy working on a couple of ''Christmas projects'' for a couple of events on other sites that I am involved with... but my lovely friend Val sent me some lime green fabric... yummo... she knows I love it... so I thought I would make a cushion for my bed with it using navy embroidery thread... I like the look so far......
This is my ''secret santa'' in progress... a placemat... love the plum pudding pattern out of ''Homespun'' magazine and just had to use it in something.
This one is my ''Christmas cushion'' in progress for a competition among ourselves at my friend Dawn's site... just some hand stitching to be done then I will show you the finished cushion....
This was an event on IFQ... a table topper... I did mine in Batiks and I must say I like the finished look... and found the only way to quilt it was by griding the whole thing... now that I have it quilted and binded I think it needed that much quilting done on it.
Now will I keep it or give it away as a Christmas present???????????
Luv T xxx