Monday, July 31, 2017

How Life Just Takes Over....

So the excuse is...............
I was ill and made a choice that I needed to put all my energy into Christmas as I wasn't sure if it was going to be my last one and kept it a little secret from my family until..... New Year was upon us.....
I could feel a mass between my rib cage and geez was I in pain....
after many tests, it was a very enlarged, infected gall bladder with a very large stone and many others.
after the op which put me out of action for a few weeks, the surgeon was please to say there were no nasties and it should all heal fine...
With the support of all my kids and Hubby, who were all amazing
and stepped up for their Dad who was beside himself...
and life has still been getting in the way
BUT it has been a life and I am very fortunate to have it...
Photo overload...
 a trip down south after my op, time with grandies just what I needed
 my budding chef... who is now a machine at peeling carrots
 a new "Yaya ruggy" for a birthday boy (it goes everywhere)
 A BIG boys first day at school
 A Birthday boy's birthday wish of drums...
so what does any Chuck and Yaya do... they grant that wish
 A new member to the Lower Wondinong family
"Tiger Lamb"
 Easter came and went
 Easter egg hunt, chocolate overload
 movie night at Chuck and Yaya's
 block burning and roasted marshmallows
 someone else was a bit partial to marshmallows too
 finally have my front door painted (belated birthday present from last year)
 we had our first mandarins
 they were HUGE
 a bit of ''upcycling" has been happening
 hubby's work
 my work... yet to be finished
 our sons partner found this on the side of the road
 a bit of sanding, painting, gold detailing and new handles
 Chuck had a birthday and the three boys decorated his cake... 
was a little bit funny to watch

 we had this big boy a few times
while his Mum and Dad were busy doing this 
and then
 did this
 this is so precious as this is the girl who was told it was going to be very hard for her to have this...
this second time was extremely hard, failed egg retrievals, miscarriages and then just a fluke...
 Wylie Gregory, 7lb 2oz, 50cm
 everyone is very happy to have this little fella in their lives
especially his big cousins
 love my Awesome Foursome
Four Grandsons !!!!!!
what is life going to be like!!!

There has been sewing too... Oh and Blog Stalking...