Monday, December 18, 2017

Geez Time Flies....

Spring has come and gone...
and Winter is here again in the city of Perth
 Hubby has been busy In The Shed
 a veggie box out of pallets... which has now been sold.
this meat safe he has refurbished
 our youngest little man is growing
 he is such chilled little fella...
our biggest boy has graduated from Kindy...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Funny Monsters...

Busy start to the week
capturing Funny Monsters
 next trying to tame them
 finally fencing them in
 all neatly in their rows
ready for the show...
I am donating this quilt to my Grandsons kindy class,
which they are going to raffle at their Moonlight Markets.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

How Many Boxes Are There....

mind you that is only a few (ho hum)
just grab one and lets see whats in there....
 they even come with their own dust and spider webs
 Ok... not a bad choice
once counted out I only need to make 5 more
to have a useful size quilt or picnic rug...
one empty box and a quilt top
I've made the binding already...
Many years ago a friend died who was part of our Magnet Craft Group,
while helping her daughter sort out the house, it was discovered
she had many unfinished projects and projects that were kit (like most crafty people).
We all took one or a few and finished them for her daughters.
The girls were so happy to have all thee wonderful quilt of Mum's to wrap up in...
Well I was thinking, I no long have that "group" or belong to one, so I had best 
pull my finger out and get some of these done

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

There's A Monster....

Hanging off the wall...
 Trying to fix a tyre...
 Under the bed...
 Talking to the chooks
 Hiding under my sewing chair...

My son's partner was one of the four finalist in
International Student of the Year 2017
 she may not of won
what an awesome achievement

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Around The Garden...

The veggie patch has been producing quite well once again...
The freezer has a few vacuumed sealed bags of broccoli stored
there has been cauliflower, which has been frozen, made into relish and eaten.
 the snowpeas are so crunchy, many don't make it inside heehee
there is a little bird nesting in my snowpeas, the eggs have hatched, so I've got to be careful.
 loving the Iris show
 this big pot came down from the Station with me.
I think I've had it about 15 years
 This one is in the garden...

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Friday Night With Friends....

A bit late... oops
 I did a bit of crocheting but you can see what others got up to here...
 Boys will be boys...
the two year old piled some cushions on the lounge and did a belly fall onto them
which bounced him off to the coffee table
which he hit with his face then his shoulder
 Poor middle daughter has had a run of hospital visits 
with her two this last few weeks
broken foot in the four year old...
The two year old, faced glued after being whacked by a hockey stick, 
a week later a collarbone!!!
 very foggy this morning

 last week Spring was here
 and I've the flu AGAIN....
need it to be gone.....

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Some Of The Best Things In Life....

 I managed to do some FNWF
its been months and months 
but I totally enjoyed the two time zones...
 the start of a Flamingo quilt, pattern from 
(Toni has fantastic patterns, 
easy follow instructions, full size for tracing and wonderfully priced)
 a little bit of crocheting
and I got to spend a bit of time with these two
 In the Chittering Valley where I live 
there is an abundance of fruit to be picked at orchards 
 this little fella has a broken foot and is in a moonboot
we took it off so he could have a walk through some water flowing over the road....
the water was freezing and turned the injured foot quite red /0\
back at Chuck and Yaya's it was time to bake cookies!!
one stacks his and pinches the chocolate chips out and the other lines them up
and actually takes bites out of the dough...
they're happy and life at Yaya's is a 
Little Bit Naughty...

Monday, July 31, 2017

How Life Just Takes Over....

So the excuse is...............
I was ill and made a choice that I needed to put all my energy into Christmas as I wasn't sure if it was going to be my last one and kept it a little secret from my family until..... New Year was upon us.....
I could feel a mass between my rib cage and geez was I in pain....
after many tests, it was a very enlarged, infected gall bladder with a very large stone and many others.
after the op which put me out of action for a few weeks, the surgeon was please to say there were no nasties and it should all heal fine...
With the support of all my kids and Hubby, who were all amazing
and stepped up for their Dad who was beside himself...
and life has still been getting in the way
BUT it has been a life and I am very fortunate to have it...
Photo overload...
 a trip down south after my op, time with grandies just what I needed
 my budding chef... who is now a machine at peeling carrots
 a new "Yaya ruggy" for a birthday boy (it goes everywhere)
 A BIG boys first day at school
 A Birthday boy's birthday wish of drums...
so what does any Chuck and Yaya do... they grant that wish
 A new member to the Lower Wondinong family
"Tiger Lamb"
 Easter came and went
 Easter egg hunt, chocolate overload
 movie night at Chuck and Yaya's
 block burning and roasted marshmallows
 someone else was a bit partial to marshmallows too
 finally have my front door painted (belated birthday present from last year)
 we had our first mandarins
 they were HUGE
 a bit of ''upcycling" has been happening
 hubby's work
 my work... yet to be finished
 our sons partner found this on the side of the road
 a bit of sanding, painting, gold detailing and new handles
 Chuck had a birthday and the three boys decorated his cake... 
was a little bit funny to watch

 we had this big boy a few times
while his Mum and Dad were busy doing this 
and then
 did this
 this is so precious as this is the girl who was told it was going to be very hard for her to have this...
this second time was extremely hard, failed egg retrievals, miscarriages and then just a fluke...
 Wylie Gregory, 7lb 2oz, 50cm
 everyone is very happy to have this little fella in their lives
especially his big cousins
 love my Awesome Foursome
Four Grandsons !!!!!!
what is life going to be like!!!

There has been sewing too... Oh and Blog Stalking...