Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Funny Monsters...

Busy start to the week
capturing Funny Monsters
 next trying to tame them
 finally fencing them in
 all neatly in their rows
ready for the show...
I am donating this quilt to my Grandsons kindy class,
which they are going to raffle at their Moonlight Markets.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

How Many Boxes Are There....

mind you that is only a few (ho hum)
just grab one and lets see whats in there....
 they even come with their own dust and spider webs
 Ok... not a bad choice
once counted out I only need to make 5 more
to have a useful size quilt or picnic rug...
one empty box and a quilt top
I've made the binding already...
Many years ago a friend died who was part of our Magnet Craft Group,
while helping her daughter sort out the house, it was discovered
she had many unfinished projects and projects that were kit (like most crafty people).
We all took one or a few and finished them for her daughters.
The girls were so happy to have all thee wonderful quilt of Mum's to wrap up in...
Well I was thinking, I no long have that "group" or belong to one, so I had best 
pull my finger out and get some of these done