Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Busy Day Today
Today Hubby and I marked some cattle... well there were 9 calves to be marked and those weeny ones are so cute and they were not to happy with us after we had finished with them... even at such a small age they are so strong.
And here are the adults about to be put into the race for their botulism injection... which is meant to be done every 12 months... we had 3 of these that ''no way'' were they going into the race... eventually we got 2 in and the other one ............ Hubby hung off the fence and did her quickly while she wasn't looking.......... in her butt instead of behind her ear.... hahahaha
Today we also cleaned the pool out and started the task of filling it.... WOOHOO can't wait to go swimming...
Yesterday I turned some of these apricots into jam... tomorrow I will be having another jam making session...... I also stewed some of these today and I will have them for breakfast tomorrow mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummo
Hubby's cousin runs an orchard just south of our local town, we are so lucky as we get to have very fresh stone fruit, rockmelons and shortly watermelons
So far 9 jars of very yummy apricot jam
Oh Yes I Have Been Shopping
Some beautiful Japanese fabric and some other fabric that was on sale at ''Craft Depot"... not sure what these will be turned into yet... there is going to be another BOM in the ''Homespun'' magazine next year so maybe that???
These are from Teena's....... she is having a very big closing down sale so go have a look.
These 2 piece just appealed to me at Spotlight... and I have a very special little girl who I can see in them for a summer dress.
My Mum just had a whirl wind trip to England a few days in France a 2 day stop over in Singapore and a week in Bali......... look what I got from Bali.... metres and metres of silk... I can see some very comfy lounge pants..........
Luv T xxxx


  1. Wow, you don't make things by halves!!!!!!!!!!! jams or fabrics...
    You have also cows ?

  2. Yummmmmm....fresh stone fruit on tap! Excellent! Oh and if you should want to, you know, get rid of any of that fabulous satin...:-)!

  3. I'd love to try that homemade apricot jam !!! Yummy !!!
    And the fabrics, well, I'm jealous here !!! Kiddin'...or maybe not !