Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Have Started This...
I have started this six month BOM over at Vicki's it is called ''Flirting with Flowers' it is so sweet and now that I have finished the first block I am itching to start the next one and I have a month 3 weeks to wait hahahaha.... The instructions for the block are in ''needle turn'' but I am not a needle turn girl so I am doing buttonhole by hand...
These are the fabric's that I am using... I picked them up in Spotlight last year as a fat 1/4 pack... I will of course be adding some other fabrics that will blend in with these. The fabric reminds me of the nursery rhyme ''oranges and lemons''
26 More Little Baskets
Yes I am behind but these will make up for December and now to catch up with last Sunday's 5 and today's 5... mmmmm maybe they will have to wait until next week and I will do 15 then...
We have had a week of temperatures in the 40's.. 43.. 44.. even a 45... I love summer and I love being able to swim in the pool but what I don't like is the nights when they don't get down below 36 and you have about 3 or 4 cold showers during the night then fall into be dripping to keep cool with the fan blowing on you...
Luv T xxx


  1. Again a beautiful work ! I am veryyyyyyyyy late in my basket blocks..........bouh !
    I want to finish some OLD UFOs this year ! Hugs

  2. I have started my block too Tarnyia I am going to needle turn my appliqué not good at Machine appliqué so keeping away from it for now your block looks great well done love
    Val xx

  3. I forgot to add Tarnyia I love the basket blocks how many do you have to do now

  4. I've printed it but thats as far as I've got!!! Yours looks great.

  5. Love the different colours you've used on your flirty flowers Tarnyia!!! I'm starting mine this week with needle turn (as my challenge...never done it before!!) Fingers crossed all goes well...yours looks magnificent!!!
    XXX sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  6. Hello Tarnyia,love the colours you have chosen for flirty flowers,have downloaded the pattern but that is as far as I have got. A few UFO's to finish yet. Stay cool.