Sunday, January 24, 2010

Little Baskets and WIP's
20 more little baskets to add to my ever growing pile... not sure how many I have sewn so far it could be around 130 and I must start organising a drawn up plan on how I am going to put them together... colour wise that is as I am going to do the quilt as you go method... still making up my mind if I am going to machine quilt or hand quilt with an embroidery thread????
I have started a ''WIP's'' list on my side bar and as I complete each one I will delete it from the list and hopefully that means I will have done them all in 2010......... well that's the big plan... and then maybe I will have a box of ''handmade presents'' all ready for Christmas...
These are ''friendship stars'' to add to my ''Ostrich quilt'' that I am doing via IFQ... go check out the gallery there and see what others have done... mine is more of a traditional round robin/ row by row...
These are all cut out ready for the rest of my friendship stars.... stay tuned for a photo in the next couple of days...
The weather has been in the 30's last week but it has slowly risen this weekend and will be in the 40's this week coming... by Friday they are saying it will be 44...
Luv T xxx


  1. Good luck for your wip list !

  2. Love your little baskets. I am waiting on my book to get here sometime next week. Then I can start. I am still undecided about the background fabric. My green is not enough for my bed. I guess I could make it for a smaller bed. Anyhow, I like the rich colors you have chosen for the baskets. I noticed to that you are making more than one basket of the same color.

  3. love your baskets you are getting on with those love the colours too.You are getting your wips in order are good, I am getting there too.

  4. Just realised I have a lot of Too's in my last comment LOL!!!!must be having a TOO-day

  5. The little baskets look great, really looking forward to seeing them in a quilt...

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  6. That is a lot of baskets!!