Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Look What I Got...
Have a look at my new sewing machine that my hubby gave me for Christmas.... a PFAFF 4.0 and do you know what.... I need a license to drive it hahahahahaha... and do you know what the first thing I have done with it..................... mending hahahahaha... it has loads more room for bigger projects and loads more decorative stitches.... yes I am excited but scared of the ''new beast'' at the same time hahahahaha
Snow Bound
The first block in the new Bunny Hill BOM
so head over and have a look and print off the pattern and while there check out the other free patterns on offer...
The weather has been much cool this week 41's and the difference from 44 or 45 is big... even though some of you might not think so.
Luv T xxx


  1. Oh lucky you are, wonderful machine !
    Your first block is beautiful.

  2. Oooooooo...Sooooo nice! Maybe one day...if I could sell my frame maybe...! Oh, the machine that is...and the creation is pretty too!

  3. Lucky you what a great Christmas gift,I love the block as ever your work is great

  4. Arent you just a lucky thing!! How awesome the beast is :) I am sure you will have lots and lots of sewing hours on it :) Your block of the snowman looks fab too....I am collecting these to do at a later date as well. hugs Vicki

  5. Hello Tarnyia, Love that new machine,mending always seems to pop up just when you have something planned. In my case one of my daughters pops in at lunch and wants a dress altered for that night,no rush Mum!!! Hopefully it will cool down for you- a few degrees does make a heap of difference.Have a wonderful weekend.