Friday, March 26, 2010

I am still alive.........
I am around and I am checking out every ones blogs and being WOWED by every ones work and projects on the go............. BUT
Since being home my computer wont connect to the Internet so I am on a borrowed laptop so I cant post any photo's of anything and I cant get on MSN.... feel like I have had my arm chopped off...... hehehehe
Plus the phone was out for 4 days when we had storms here on Sunday.... Greg and I went to town on the Monday so we could report the phone and scrounge a computer so we had some form of communication... we let the kids know we were ok... they were worried that we had gone under water and living in the shears quarters.... they are on higher ground.... dam Greg's Grandparents for not building the houses on higher ground too.....
Our road is so washed out... looks like a creek bed and it was under water... I did go to town yesterday and the water has dried up but there is a load of damage to the road and rocks all over it....
So it looks like I will have to post pic's later once my computer is up and running again...
Luv T xxx


  1. Glad you are all ok and no one is hurt Tarnyia :) It certainly is a case of if it doesnt rain it pours!!

  2. Poor Tarnyia !Hope all will come back better. Take care of you, kiss.

  3. Hello Tarnyia, hope everthing is being fixed up for you. The ancestors really knew which building was more important didn't they???? Have a great day.