Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Won I Won I Won......
I just found out that I won a raffle on a friends site..... 41 fat quarters WOOHOO... it's an Aussie site... the raffle is run each month and we had to send in a fat quarter for a ticket... you can send in as many as you like... I am so excited...
I had another visit to the Dentist yesterday and had a tooth fixed that had a big filling in it and was infected in the gum and up in the bone and it would aggravate my cheek bone every now and then.... back again today for some more antibiotic packing and the temporary crown taken off and a mould taken for the new crown.... a bit sore today..... back tomorrow for the root canal on the bottom and that's it for now until the end of April....
I have been sewing... a little hand sewing and today I started some applique blocks for a baby quilt...
9 years today little brother RIP Lee
Luv T xxxx


  1. Fantastic ! Bravo

  2. What a fabulous win Tarnyia :) good for you and you deserve to win after all that dentist agony :)

  3. There's always a light after the deserve that win after all the pain you've been going through!!!! Well done. Thoughts are with you on your sad day yesterday!
    XX sugary hugs :O

  4. That's awesome!! What a great win! The dental work not so fun though. Hope you are on the mend very soon. Hang in there.

  5. Hello Tarnyia, well done on your win I can see a few more quilts to be added to that list now!!! Hugs to you today.

  6. I wished you to win Fantastic Tarnyia hope you are feeling better